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If you are putting on a show one of the most important aspects, after the cast themselves, are the costumes. This is as true for a dance production as for any other type of production; dance costumes however have to be extremely fit for purpose as they must move with the dancer and not cause any interference with their movement.

Dance Depot has a number of costumes available ranging from accessories such as legwarmers to more specific items such as character costumes. If you are looking to place your troupe in some kind of matching outfit then leg warmers are a good way to bring them all in line without breaking the budget. Team Top DD Lurex Neon Leg Warmers with DD Neon Cross over Cardigans and you will have a colourful and coordinated group of young dancers ready to perform. For that professional ballet look add Tutu Under Skirts. These come in a range of sizes and colours.

If your production has a theme then a range of theatre costumes are also available. Choose from simple accessories such as Bumble Bee Wings or Childs Floating Ladybug Wings to complete theatre costumes such as Pirate Boy or for a more sinister production Creepy Schoolgirl. There is even the option to add the childhood favourites to the cast such as Pinocchio. The more elaborate costumes such as Pinocchio and Maid Marion are made to order and have an estimated seven day turnaround time.

Stage Dance Costumes do not need to be complete outfits. By starting with a plain black leotard you can make up your own costume by adding accessories. Your younger ballerinas will enjoy the Plastic Faux Rhinestone Tiara or the Head Bow. For all ages the Glitter Top Hat or Glitter Bowler Hat will make your dance troupe look smart and stylish with a classical effect. All glitter hats come in a range of sizes and colours. If you are going for the classic look add in a Plastic Dance Cane and a pair of Fishnet Shirt Gloves

You can make your costumes as simple or as complex as you wish. The end result is up to you.

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