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Costume Footwear

Designed for performances, dance costume shoes come in a range of styles and colours to suit the whole world of dance and performance type. Every dancer needs the right footwear, whether that's for the rehearsal studio or the stage.

The high-top dance sneaker from Balera is the perfect multi-purpose shoe. In a lace-up style and available in three colours, this shoe is covered with hundreds of sparkling sequins. Whenever the wearer moves, light will bounce from these sequins and scatter to create an impressive visual effect. This is perfect for dancers, whose feet are moving all the time - and the sparkles will draw audiences' eyes to all of the fancy footwork.

These particular shoes feature a fabric lining and upper with a rubber sole, making them suitable for use on most floor surfaces. They're even suitable for wearing on the street to add a little performance glamour to everyday fashion outfits. Colours include red, gold and silver, and the shoes are available in a range of sizes between a child's 11 and an adult's 10. This makes them a suitable choice of dance footwear for a youth show, an adult dance troupe or a group with a mixture of ages and shoe sizes.

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