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Weissman Costumes: How To Order The Right Size

February 8, 2017

We want to make ordering Weissman costumes as easy as possible. In this blog post we are going to cover what the different body measurements are, how to correctly measure them and other helpful tips.

Let’s get started…

Body Measurements

Let’s face it, you can’t expect to have a perfectly fitted costume if you guess body measurements. If you want the right fit (which is why you’re here) then you’re going to need to get that tape measure out.

But wait…

Before you go ahead and start measuring, there are few things you need to do first:

  1. Have your dancers wear undergarments or a lightweight leotard with a bra that gives the bust line their typical shape for most accurate measurements.
  2. Have your dancer stand straight with their weight evenly distributed.
  3. The measurement tape should be snug but not too tight on circumference measurements and comfortably tight for vertical measurements.

Great! Now it is time to get the tape measure out.

5 Body Measurements To Take

There are 5 different body measurements you need to take to order the right sized costume. These measurements are:

Weissman Costume Size Guide

1.       Bust/Chest Measurement

One of the biggest mistakes people make when measuring the bust/chest area is that they have the arms up out at the side. This positioning broadens the chest and therefore doesn’t get that snug fit you might want.

To get the correct bust/chest measurement, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of the chest and make sure the dancer has their arms relaxed down at their sides.

2.       Waist Measurement

Wrap the tape measure around the natural indent of the waist. To make sure you don’t order the costume too tight, place your finger between the belly and tape measure.

3.       Hips Measurement

Moving further down the body, the next measurement to take is the hips. To measure the hips correctly, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of the hips and buttocks. Also, make sure the dancer is standing with their heels together to get a snugly fitted costume.

4.       Girth Measurement

Start with the tape measure at the top of the right shoulder. Then take the tape down the back, through the crotch (between their legs) and up the front of the body. The end of the tape should meet at the starting point on top of the right shoulder.

5.       Inseam Measurement

The final measurement to take is the inseam measurement if you are looking to purchase pants, or leggings. Start with the tape measure at the crotch and take it down the inside of the leg to the bottom.

On a final note, if the different measurements you take sit between two Weissman sizes, choose the size according to the girth measurement as this is the most important body measurement.

Here are the Weissman size charts for children and adults:

Weissman Costume Size Chart

This very helpful video supports everything we have mentioned in this blog post:

The FitKit For Teachers

If you’re a dance teacher reading this and thinking it could be a lot of work having to measure each student, do not fear, we have you covered. We offer dance teachers the Fit Kit which includes a leotard in each size so your students can try each on. Use the FitKit in conjunction with the girth measurement.  Each of the leotards is clearly labelled in size making ordering different sizes easy. This will save a lot of time and since the leotards mirror the fits of the costumes, so these become a great guideline and you will get the best fit for your students. If any student seems to be between sizes, move to the larger size, you can always tack the costume to make a better fit.

The Fit Kit costs £29.95+VAT and can either be kept if you regularly order costumes or you can send it back to us once you have finished and we will refund you the £29.95.

Weissman Costume FitKit


We want to make sure you order the right sizes so if you have any questions that we haven’t covered here, you can ask them in the comments section below or get in touch with us by calling 0845 600 8737 or , for international customers, +44 1952 60 22 98, or e-mail us at