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Back to dance Essentials for a New Dance Year

October 1, 2015

Whether you have a particular passion for ballet, tap, jazz, or ballroom, or just a general love of dance itself, you can find all the back-to-dance essentials you need for a new term of dance, right here at Dance Depot.

Dance Leotards

Leotards are the foundation of any dance outfit and our range of Roch Valley,  Bloch,  Dance Depot and Capezio dance leotards for girls have all been specially selected to cater for your body shape, budget, age and ability.

For beginners and professionals alike, dancing is fun but can be physically challenging and that’s why we source dance leotards for girls, first and foremost, for their fit, comfort and durability.

For dance practice and training, camisole leoatrds, short, long-sleeved or wide shoulder strap leotards allow for total freedom of movement for the arms, shoulders and upper-body, while a choice of panelled, side-seam, pinch-front and leotards with built in bust support ensure absolute comfort for the dancer.

All of the dance leotards in our range are available in a variety of colours that match the school colours and style requirements of any dance school or club and are compatible with complementary accessories including wrap cardigans, skirts or tutus which transform a basic leotard into a recital-ready outfit that accentuates your lines and shows off your elegance and poise at its very best.

Dance Tights

Helping you to feel comfortable, supported and confident as you practice or perform, tights are an essential piece of clothing no matter what kind of dance genre you choose.

From delicate nudes and pastel shades to show-stopping American tan tight in a matt, fishnet or shimmer finish, you can find the perfect footed, footless or stirrup ballet tights among our range.

Sourced from brands that are respected in the dance community for their fit, durability and comfort, we supply Roch Valley, Silky, Dance Depot and Capezio tights in a choice of sizes and colours that will match or contrast beautifully with the leotards, tutus and skirts in our range.


Dance Shoes

Dance shoes are one of the most important pieces of dancewear to get right, you want a shoe that matches your ability, supports your foot (as you strengthen it through practice) and allows you to feel sure and confident of your steps.

At Dance Depot we supply a full range of leather, satin and canvas ballet shoes, stocking our own full sole ballet shoes as well as full-sole and split-sole ballet shoes from Bloch, Capezio, Leos and Sansha.

For beginners, full sole ballet shoes provide strong support while split soles offer greater flexibility as you progress in ballet. Once you’ve mastered the basic ballet footwork techniques and are beginning to develop the foot’s strength and flexibility for en point dancing, it will be time to progress to Pointe shoes, but only after 3-5 years of taking ballet classes.

Demi pointe shoes are suited to dancers at the beginning of their pointe training as they promote strength development in the ankles and arches of your feet and help you get the feel for the proper foot placement and body alignment.

Your ballet teacher will be able to advise you if you’re ready to progress to the more advanced, full ballet pointe shoes, which we stock in a variety of shank, vamp and toe box fits and styles.

At Dance Depot you can personalise and perfect your dance wardrobe with our selection of accessories including toe tape, leotard belts, hair bands, grips and nets and even dance bags to stow everything in for your journey to and from class.

Browse our collection and order your back-to-dance essentials online or get further advice or information about the right dancewear for you by contacting the friendly and knowledgeable team here at Dance Depot.