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Zoom B1900U Rock Star Duffle Bag

B1900U Rock Star Duffle Bag

From the studio to backstage and on to home, this sleek and highly practical duffle bag offers a variety of hidden features to fit all of your dance gear.

* Oversized mesh side pouch.
* Padded handles with velcro closure.
* Interior front mesh pocket with zipper includes wire port for charging or headphones.
* Shoe pocket with Capezio icon ventilation holes.
* Two durable hooks, big enough to fit around a barre, hold two collapsible shelves, perfect for storing shoes, accessories, make-up and more.
* Interior rear pocket with two zipper pouches.
* Adjustable shoulder strap with removable pouch that features a zip pouch and an easy access pocket that will fit most smart phones.
* High gloss Capezio logo on the front side.

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100% Polyester Size: 18.5" x 10.5" x 9.5"
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